I help women break through barriers to become the happiest version of themselves. 

Hi there, I’m Melissa Byczek!


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Originally from Florida, I now reside in Westport, CT with my husband and two daughters. Motherhood set me on the path of bettering my mental health, and the last two years have been instrumental on my journey…I’ve never been happier! I’m so passionate about investing the work into yourself to be happier that I’ve become a mindset coach to help others do just that!

I’m a mother and mindset coach


You can benefit from mindset coaching if…

You know you can feel happier but don’t know how to get there

You have a goal you’re trying to achieve

You want to elevate your relationships 

You want to find your truest self 

Is Mindset Coaching for you?

"Working with Melissa has been incredible for not only my mind, but my soul. In just a few sessions, we’ve uncovered so many easy adjustments that I can make, to make life easier and happier. The answers are there and Melissa has a phenomenal approach to helping you see them! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a little more light in their life."


"Melissa has the ability to make you feel comfortable, while helping you grow... to make you feel safe, while diving deep into thoughts. I could talk through my ideas with her for hours! If you're ready to peel back the layers and get to "the work" then Melissa is the perfect person to do that with! "


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Hi there, I’m Melissa

I’m a mother and mindset coach, helping women break through barriers that are holding them back from the happiest version of themselves.