This is because you are able to see a perspective of your friend's situation as an observer, which is one that they can’t see since they are a participant.  

Work With Me

Have you ever noticed that you can see a solution to a friend’s problem, but that same problem for yourself feels too overwhelming or difficult? 

A mindset coach serves as the observer point of view on your journey. 

As your mindset coach, I will help you identify and break down limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your true path to happiness. We’ll develop tailored tools that will assist you in shifting your internal mindset so that you can experience a new level of happiness that comes from within you. This happiness will guide you to finding fulfillment and purpose, and you will shift from enduring your days to enjoying your days.

3 Benefits To Coaching

Breakthrough barriers holding you back from your happiest self

Gain clarity and direction on what you want your future to look like

Foster better relationships with your loved ones

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Hi there, I’m Melissa

I’m a mother and mindset coach, helping women break through barriers that are holding them back from the happiest version of themselves.