The pandemic brought a myriad of problems to our lives. We could spend days talking about the negative effects. One positive side effect I noticed and took advantage of, however, was time. While my days felt like I had less time because my kids were home all day, I gained a new mental space that was previously reserved for social outings, travel, and any other (albeit fun) extracurricular activities. Once we binged watched all the shows, drank all the wine, and realized things weren't changing anytime soon, I started observing my life. What was really important? How was I raising my kids in this ever changing world? What were the values I wanted to instill in them? In a world where all the superficial things seemingly faded overnight, was I really happy? Not as happy as I’d like to be. And while I’ve always been in tune with my mental health and understood that I should probably feel happier, I had also always been too distracted by the busy life I was leading to focus on actually becoming happier. 

My Story

This is when I decided that it was time to really make a change.


I took this time of less distractions to actually do what is commonly referred to as “the work”. I turned to books and podcasts about mental health. I hired a therapist and finally committed real time and energy into feeling happier. And the results have been REMARKABLE. I’m the happiest, truest version of myself yet! I’m so empowered by this transformation that I’ve turned my passion into coaching. While my undergraduate degrees are in Finance and Mass Communications from the University of Florida, I've also earned a Coaching Certification from the comprehensive Inner Glow Circle training program and will be recognized as a Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.


We Can Do Hard Things by Glennon Doyle


Reading and Yoga


Harry Styles

Favorite TV Show

Ted Lasso

A few of my current favorite things


The Ultimate Happiness Prescription by Deepak Chopra


Everything is happening exactly as it should


You have to find the life you want, it's not going to come to you



"Working with Melissa has been incredible for not only my mind, but my soul. In just a few sessions, we’ve uncovered so many easy adjustments that I can make to make life easier and happier. The answers are there and Melissa has a phenomenal approach to helping you see them! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a little more light in their life."


"Through working with Melissa you’ll find ways to be joyful in your current environment while making steps to create your dream life. She has a beautiful balance of getting to the depths of the situation and uncovering potential limiting beliefs as well as a light softness to her that makes it so easy to connect and open up and really explore parts of yourself. You feel so supported by her and encouraged. She is a light in this world."


"Melissa is wonderful to work with. She has an amazing ability to inspire movement while also showing empathy for where you are in the moment. She has helped me to conquer some of my fears and limiting beliefs while holding a space for compassion and understanding. I'd recommend her to anyone who feels stuck and needs a safe space to work on their goals and changing their mindset."


"Melissa has the ability to make you feel comfortable, while helping you grow... to make you feel safe, while diving deep into thoughts. I could talk through my ideas with her for hours! If you're ready to peel back the layers and get to "the work" then Melissa is the perfect person to do that with!"


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Hi there, I’m Melissa

I’m a mother and mindset coach, helping women break through barriers that are holding them back from the happiest version of themselves.